SMART Building / Community Mall / Retail


• License Plate Recognition System • Parking Management System
• Face Recognition & Advance AI CCTV System • Visitor Management & Access Door Monitoring
• Personal Safety Detection • People Counting by AI Camera
• Time attendance notification • Fever screening System
• Emergency Call Point • Digital Signage
• Public Address

  • License Plate Recognition System:

    able to analyze, locate and track the license plate easily, quickly and accurately, automatic access control. Can set access rights to prevent suspected vehicles from entering the area, improves safety , reduce the risk of crime
  • Parking Management System:

    Able to find available parking locations easily. Do not waste time looking for a place to park. Park with peace of mind, events are recorded while parking. No worries about forgetting the parking lot and also able to locate the car from the license plate
  • Face Recognition & Advance AI CCTV System:

    You can search for people by metadeta such as gender, hair color, clothing color, search for vehicles by type and color. From the cameras at the whole system at the same time And compose a story easily . no need to find event from camera one by one anymore.
  • Visitor Management & Access Door Monitoring:

    Easy management of contacts. Increase response by Online registration. Control entry to the area precisely and quickly. Automatic door lock feature. You can set the opening-closing time , control and display the status of the door.
  • Personal Safety Detection:

    Detect and screen worker who do not wear Personal Protective Equipment. Notifying people who do not obey the rules Reduce the risk and severity of accidents.
  • To collect statistics and analyze service usage Including

    People Counting by AI Camera: being able to be applied for safety Prevent the use of the service beyond the limit
  • Time attendance notification:

    Check the name by face quickly, accurately, notify the status immediately with safe.
  • Fever screening System:

    Measure and screen people who have excess temperature. Reduce the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Emergency Call Point:

    The person in need just press the button, the system will send video and audio signals to the control center to communicate and receive notification. The control center can also control pan tilt zoom cameras mounted on notification poles to watch the event closely and take action in time.
  • Digital Signage:

    For displaying news information. Show the status of the transportation system, bus , cruise schedules. Take benefit from advertising Analyze people and present them to the target audience.
  • Public Address:

    To publicize and notify emergencies from various notification devices immediately and cover desired areas.
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